Unit History: HMAS Stuart

HMAS Stuart
The second of three ship named after the John McDouall Stuart, an explorer and surveyor.
The first was a Scott class destroyer 1918-1946,
she served in the Second War and took part in the Battle of Calabria, Battle of Cape Matapan, assisted in the evacuation of troops from Crete and made supply runs to the garrison at Tobruk in 1941. Sold for scrap.
The second HMAS Stuart, a River class escort vessel was built in Sydney 1959, commissioned in 1963. She conducted trials on the Seacat missile system and the Ikara system.
From 1968-69 she was the RAN’s flagship.
1970 she was an escort vessel for the Royal Yatch Brittannia.
Paid off in 1991.
The third HMAS Stuart, an Anzac class frigate, was commisioned in 2002 and is still in service today.

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