Unit History: RNAS Prestwick

RNAS Prestwick
At the close of 1918 the Royal Naval Air Servive continued its naval patrols from 126 coastal air stations. Following the merging into the RAF these were lost to the Royal Navy. However with the establishment of the Fleet Air Arm in 1937, the Royal Navy again was able to use its own air stations, howver for much of the war the FAA had to lease RAF Air Stations, many of which were former RNAS stations
Prestwick (HMS Gannet), Prestwick, Scotland (1936-1966, Current Glasgow Prestwick International Airport)
Prestwick Airport & RAF Training
Operational 16-12-1939 to 14-4-1940
Ferry Pool 1942
Prestwick Airport and Private aviation postwar
USAF 1951
Royal Navy 1966 (HMS Gannet)
RNAS Prestwick, more popularly known as HMS Gannet, from whence a detachment of No. 771 Naval Air Squadron Sea Kings provide a Search and Rescue service.

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