Unit History: HMS Stubbington

HMS Stubbington

Memories of HMS Stubbington

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Stubbington, in 1971

Written by jan gent

best time ever ashore every wednesday on make and mend home club by 1600, hammerd by 20.00 keep going, try to play darts whilst seeing with quadruple vision, getting back into vernon at god knows what time but we always managed to end up astride the torpedo stationed at the main gate. the gate staff were always well impressed? well we had a good larf?.the best part was the two oppo,s with me, windy gale the stoker on board and jonno who was married to a jenny i think? he told her he was duty part of the watch every wednesday best part was she believed him? WE THINK. we were young and enjoyed life to the full.STUBBY WAS THE GREATEST.

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