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Unit History: Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment
The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army.
As a consequence of defence cuts in the late 1950s, the Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey) and the East Surrey Regiment were amalgamated on 14 October 1959 to form the 1st Battalion, Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment.
In 1959 the 1st Battalion deployed to Cyprus and the following year arrived in the British bases in Libya, while a detachment was sent to Cyprus. In 1961 the 1st Queen’s Surreys was sent to Aden -- now part of the Yemen. In 1962 the regiment joined the Hong Kong garrison, remaining there on a 2-year posting before heading for Munster, West Germany in 1964 as part of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR).
In 1966 the regiment’s short existence came to an end when it, along with the three other remaining regiments of the Home Counties Brigade, was amalgamated to form The Queen’s Regiment, one of the new ’large’ regiments that were formed in the 1960s.
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Active From: 1959 - Present

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