Unit History: RAF Chessington

RAF Chessington
RAF Station Chessington, in Surrey. This was an Electro- medical Research unit. Apparently it was thought that micro-wave technology could be used for medical purposes

Added on 23/07/2010

RAF Chessington approx august 1962.
It was an RAF camp and rehabilitation station for wounded service personel of junior rank(commisioned officers went to Hedley court.
We have been informed that it was in use for all services.
All the doctors were RAF and there was a large physio dept, all civilian. The mess was all waiter service as most inmates where on crutches and had limbs missing.
They had a large hydrobath with warm water to assist jiont movement, a large gymnasium where everyone went after parade for a musical warm up.
Free tickets where issued for shows in london from the Nuffield trust.

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