Unit History: Gurkha Support

Gurkha Support
The Gurkha regiments have loyally served the British people for nearly 200 years.  They have fought alongside their colleagues in the British Army in virtually every war or conflict during that period, from the First World War, Second World War, Korea, Borneo, Malaya, the Falklands, the First Gulf War.  In fact the Gurkhas are currently serving with British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq..
Of the 9 living holders* of  the Victoria Cross, one third of the living winners are Gurkhas (3 living recipients).  In all, 26 Victoria Crosses have been awarded to Gurkha Regiments for acts of extreme bravery in the face of the enemy (13 VCs having been awarded to Nepali Gurkhas). 6,500 Gurkhas have received military decorations for bravery.
45,000 Gurkhas have died fighting for Britain.  150,000 Gurkhas have been seriously wounded on battlefields defending our freedom and way of life.  The Gurkhas have given 200 years loyal service to the British people.

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