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Unit History: Army Engineer Support Group

Army Engineer Support Group
29 (Land Support) Engineer Group is one of three groups which form 8 Force Engineer Brigade. The other groups provide Air and Infrastructure support whereas 29 Engineer Group provides land support, with its main capability being Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). This is delivered by three units, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) in Wimbish, 11 EOD Regiment Royal Logistic Corps in Didcot and 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (Volunteers) in London.
The Joint Civil Military Cooperation Group in Minley are also under command but provide their capability to the Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTFHQ). This all makes for a challenging work environment where high caliber individuals thrive on the diversity and intensity of work.
The Headquarters also has a Territorial Army Signal Troop, based at Seely House in Aldershot, who provide communications and life support to enable the staff capability on deployment.
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Active From: 1966 - Present

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