Unit History: Engineer Group

Engineer Group
The Military Works Force (MWF) was renamed 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group in April 2005.
Our remit is to deliver infrastructure engineering support to deployed joint task forces. Since 1986 we have been located in Chilwell, Nottingham.
Over recent years we have been very heavily committed to Operational duties in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. We currently have a presence established in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to our Operational commitments we provide essential design support to ongoing Joint Force Enabling Exercises in a variety of demanding locations worldwide in order to train and practice other elements of the Corps in Force Support Engineering.
Recent deployments include Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Brunei, Ascension Islands, Falkland Islands and Belize. The prime building block for supporting operational deployments is the Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Works). These teams, once deployed, can call forward in depth expertise from teams that specialise in Materials Testing, Water Development, Power Infrastructure and Bulk Petroleum.
In addition an important element of our structure is our Territorial Army (TA) community, 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group (Volunteers), consisting of teams covering Water Infrastructure, Power Infrastructue, Fuels Infrastructure, Rail Infrastructure, Ports Infrastructure and Works teams similar to those of the regular Army.
These TA teams provide essential support to Exercises and Operations and have a wealth of knowledge and experience available to them. In total the unit will comprise some 800 personnel once our ongoing establishment enhancements are complete.

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