Unit History: RAF Deversoir

RAF Deversoir

Added on 11/08/2010

RAF Deversoir, 324 Fighter Wing, sited alongside the junction of the Suez Canal and Great Bitter Lake.
1950 to 1952 - 6 Squadron, 213 and 249 each equipped with two x two seated Gloucester Meteor aircraft and Vampires.
1950 - Commanding Officer = Group Captain Bowling.
Also on station - JAPIC (Joint Air Photographic Intelligence Company.
Previous occupations - as an american base and as a prisoner of war unit for Italian personnel during WW2

Memories of RAF Deversoir

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Deversoir Suez Canal Zone in 1952

Written by Mervyn (Eddie) Edwards

Serving with CPL Hill (Lofty )Officers Mess, Last address Truro Cornwall.

RAF Deversoir, in 1952

Written by Frank Sephton

First guard duty on my own, on a tower with a handheld searchlight and a 303 with 5 bullets....Middle of night, picking up reflections from wild dogs in searchlight beam..Thinking they were natives approaching my guard post and letting go with 3 bullets. Red cheeked when telling the duty officer what happened, but accepted my story..lol

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