Unit History: RAF Ta Silch

RAF Ta Silch

Added on 02/12/2010

RAF Ta - Silch was 100 Signals Unit.
The camp was a permenant camp going back to the days when the Singapore flying boats were staging to the far east and stopped off at Marsaxalloch
It was also a Direction Finding (DF) station with an imposing array of aerials, in 1957 it had a type5 radar with 2x type 13 height finders, the vhf radio was remote at the Fort of St. Johns at Delimara Point with the transmitters encased in a small room next to it was a 20kva Lister Generator which shook the hell out of the place and the maltese hated it when we ran it up.
The  receivers were in a tin roofed hut next to the hotel a short way off. I understand it is now a home for abandoned dogs.
We spent many nights on duty tracking the Meteor NF11s on their practice intercepts of the Canberras who came from Gibralter/UK.
Geoff Weale
Ground Radio Trade.

Added on 03/08/2011

I served at this Radar Station in Malta from Oct 1951 until March 1954. The  CO when I arrived was Wing Commander William Gregory DSO, two DFCs, an AFC and a DFM.
Sadly Fort Ta-Silch is now used as the Dogss Home.

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