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Unit History: Royal Scots Greys

Royal Scots Greys The Royal Scots Greys was a cavalry regiment from 1678 until 1971.They merged with the 3rd Carabiniers to form The Royal Scots Dragoon Guard.

The Scots Greys regimental is ’Nemo me impune
lacessit’ which translates as ’Nobody touches me with impunity.’

It was at Waterloo that the Scots Greys fought their most famous action with the capture of the eagle of the French 45th infantry with Napoleon famously exclaiming ’Those terrible grey horses, how they strive!’

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Memories of Royal Scots Greys

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Royal Scots Greys, RAC bury st edmonds suffolk in 1945

Written by frncis manson

my daughter was born.

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving Royal Scots Greys

"Hi John Just a note to say hello and did you know my grandfather he was also a desert rat with the 8th army.He served under Major spencer, lady diana father in the 2 world-war with a tank division with the royal scots greys and also awarded the MM for his acts of bravery as many as you did.His name was THOMAS LATHWOOD and he was a manchester lad and did is basic training in nottingham. He told me many stories as a kid ,but cannot remember them all.My granfather died 13yrs ago we had is medals..."
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"There must be somone out there who was in the same intake as me and John Mcdougal and myself Alex both of us came from glasgow .S/Bell was our Instructor also a jock . We where in the Royal Scots Greys.The Q.O.Hussars where the training regiment "
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"There must be somebody out there who was in my intake . I was in the Royal Scots Greys along with John McDougal . The S/Sgt was a jock his surname was Bell. I have been back a few times since with the T.A. A few years back. Cheers from Alex up here in Glasgow"
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"davie your like me nobody wants to know us ha ha . I was in cambria bks in Feb1965 In the Royal Scots Greys in block 64 . Do you know what Dave nobody has got back to me cheers Dave Alex "
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"I want to get in contact with the family of Trooper Sidney Jeffries who was killed at Nederweert in the south of the netherlands the 29th of september 1944. he was a trooper of of the Royal Scots Greys(2nd dragoons) Royal Armoured Corps. His army number was 14437574 He was born in Suffolk His residence was in London NW His initials were S T I spoke to a wittness of his death This information could be important for the family. Can you assist me in finding his family?? "
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Active From: 1678 - 1971

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