Unit History: RAF Celle

RAF Celle
Originally built in 1934, under the guise of a Training Establishment for Deutscher Luftsportverband (D.L.V.). Because of the rapid expansion of the "Training Programme" and increase in the size of the aircraft, external landing strips were built at Hustedt and Scheuen, with  "Blind Flying" training transferrd to Wesendorf. More details here
The RAF when they were in Celle were based at  Wietzenbruch air base, which is on the outskirts of Celle.
An extremely busy airfield during the Berlin Airlift. RAF Vampires flew here in the 1950s.
A reference gives the name as possibly being Immelmann Kaserne before it was taken over by the British in 1945. It originally only played a secondary role as an airbase until the onset of the Berlin Airlift, when it was taken over by the American Forces, being handed back in 1949.
From 1950 onwards, the RAF staioned various squadrons at RAF Celle, details of which to follow. The base was handed back to the German Army Aviators Corp in 1957

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