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Unit History: Queen's Regiment

Queen's Regiment
The Queen’s Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army formed in 1966 through the amalgamation of the four regiments of the Home Counties Division. In turn, the regiment became part of Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment in a further amalgamation in 1992.
The regiment was formed on 31 December 1966 by the amalgamation of the four remaining regiments of the Home Counties Brigade as a consequence of further defence cuts being implemented.
The four regiments formed four battalions, retaining their previous names in the titles. These were:
   * 1st Battalion (Queen’s Surreys) -- formerly The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment (2nd, 31st & 70th Regiments of Foot).
   * 2nd Battalion (Queen’s Own Buffs) -- formerly The Queen’s Own Buffs, The Royal Kent Regiment (3rd, 50th & 97th Regiments of Foot).
   * 3rd Battalion (Royal Sussex) -- formerly the Royal Sussex Regiment (35th & 107th Regiments of Foot).
   * 4th Battalion (Middlesex) -- formerly the Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) (57th & 77th Regiments of Foot).
In 1967 the 5th (Volunteer) Battalion, a TAVR II (Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve) unit, was formed to be employed for use with NATO forces in West Germany during tense times in the Cold War. The following year, on 1 July, the battalions discarded their previous regimental identification when the subtitles were omitted.
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Active From: 1966 - 1992

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