Unit History: HMS Jufair

HMS Jufair

Memories of HMS Jufair

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Jufair in 1971

Written by Brian Arnott

Air conditioner stuffed with 7UP to go with the Jack Daniels kept under the bed. My room mate John Sheilds nicking the BA poster from the CPOs Mess next door, and making fire balloons full of homemade hydrogen. Skynet dish full of dust and empty Tiger cans. The games nights between The Chip Inn (RAF) and The Ace of Clubs (RN). Anybody ever played freckles? Take my advice DONT!! Swapping standard issue KD for Abdul Garnis special cut down version. Sitting by the wailing wall on the jetty watching the locals customs smashing contraband spirits. And best of all, watching HMS Wiston conking out just after casting off.

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