Unit History: RAF Abu Sueir-Egypt

RAF Abu Sueir-Egypt
Country: - Egypt
Lat/Long:  30:34N  32:06E Approx
For most of its life this station near Port Said in Egypt was associated with training, opening in September 1917.  On 1 April 1921, No 4 Flying Training School opened at Abu Sueir and remained until 2 September 1939 when it moved to RAF Habbaniya in Iraq. From 1939 to 1942 housed No 102 Maintenance Unit.  It was also used by fighter squadrons to recuperate and re-organise following operations in the Western Desert.  In the second half of 1942, Nos 37 and 40 Squadrons, equipped with Wellington bombers operated from the station and after they left No 73 Operational Training Unit formed there in February 1943, leaving in June.
The station then closed for construction work to begin and it re-opened on July as home to the Liberators of No 1675 Heavy Conversion Unit, which remained until disbanding n October 1945.   Nos 40 and 194 Squadrons then moved in from Italy with Liberators but soon re-equipped with Lancasters.  They moved out in the summer of 1946 and the station took on the role as joint HQ for the Middle East Air Force with RAF Ismailia until both parts were reunited at Nicosia in December 1954.  No 208 Squadron arrived in October 1951 and No 13 Squadron in January 1955, but with the break-down in relations between the British and Egyptian governments, the decision was taken to pull out British forces from the Canal Zone and Abu Sueir closed in April 1956.

Memories of RAF Abu Sueir-Egypt

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Abu Sueir-Egypt in 1950

Written by Joe Maughan (geordie)

Does anyone remember the night there was a mock raid on the camp.I can`t remember the exact date but it was round about the end of 1950 to early 51.I received an order to pick up an armorer and then proceed to Ismalai and pick up two Officers. When I picked the armorer up he put a box of fire works in the car and off we went for the Officers. On our back to camp I was told to put out my lights and pull off the road.We then went over to the tower and surpossedly captured the airman on gaurd.We then proceeded over to the fence the armorer started setting these fire work off.After a short while we heard the duty Officers whistle so we kept on moving round the fence.
Through my mirrow I saw a vehicle following us and not realising every time I applied my brakes they saw my tail light.However we just kept on going till we arrived at the gate at the top of the airfield.I heard a shout and stopped immediately,we were ordered to get out of the car with our hands in the air.There in front of us was a line of airmen armed to the teeth,behind us was a jeep with a mounted bengun and two of the camp police.The orderly Officer went crazey he had not been told that it was a mock raid to see if everyone was on their toes.

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