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Unit History: RAF Kai Tak

RAF Kai Tak
RAF Kai Tak was a Royal Air Force station in Hong Kong. It was opened in 1927 and used for seaplanes. The RAF flight operated a few land based aircraft as well as having spare aircraft for naval units.
From 1968 to 1978 it was used by various RAF helicopter units, as well as the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force and Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps Air Unit. The RAF left Kai Tak and moved most other operations to Sek Kong Airfield.
From 1993 onwards the civilian Government Flying Service replaced Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force at Kai Tak, thus ending the RAF presence at the airport.
The apron and the old NCO Mess areas were used by the Royal Hong Kong Police Force as the Police Driving School premises for a number of years until re-sited.
Hong Kong Communication Flight Squadron (12 Sep 1945 - 15 Jan 1947)
No. 132 Squadron RAF (15 Sep 1945 - 15 Apr 1946)
No. 209 Squadron RAF (17 Sep 1945 - 28 Apr 1946)
No. 681 Squadron RAF (27 Sep - 23 Dec 1945)
No 200 Staging Post RAF (Oct 1945 - - Jun 1946)
No 1331 Wing RAF Regiment (xxx xxxx - May 1946)
No. 96 Squadron RAF (16 Apr - 1 Jun 1946)
No. 110 Squadron RAF (1 Jun 1946 - 15 Sep 1947)
No 1430 (Flying Boat Transport) Flight Squadron RAF (5 Aug - 1 Sep 1946)
No. 88 Squadron RAF (1 Sep 1946 - 24 Jun 1951)
No. 1903 Flight RAF and No. 656 Squadron RAF (15 Jul 1948 - 17 Aug 1949)
Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force (1 May 1949 - 1 Apr 1993)
No. 28 Squadron RAF(11 May 1949 - 1 May 1950, 7 Oct 1950 - 28 Mar 1951, 15 Aug - 5 Dec 1955, 14 Jun 1957 - 2 Jan 1967, 1 Mar 1968 - 17 May 1978, 1 Nov 1996 - 4 Jun 1997)
No. 80 Squadron RAF (20 Aug 1949 - 3 Jan 1950, 1 Feb - 7 Mar 1950, 28 Apr 1950 - 1 May 1955)
Hong Kong Auxiliary Flight RAF (Oct 1949 - 1 Oct 1950)
Hong Kong Auxiliary Squadron(1 Oct 1950 - 24 Nov 1953)
Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force Wing (24 Nov 1953 - xxx 1954)
Hong Kong Fighter Squadron (24 Nov 1953 - xxx 1954

Memories of RAF Kai Tak

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Kai Tak in 1950

Written by Micheal Richards

I was based at RAF Kai Tak, from Dec,1950 to May 1952, as an Air Wireless Mechanic, posted to 80 Fighter Squadron. The ONLY Fighter Squadron in the RAF that operated Spitfire Mark 24s. A fantastic aircraft for its day! Power Unit - one Rolls Royce Griffon Engine that could develop 2700hp! Five Blades on the Propeller! Four 20mm Cannon - two on each wing. In addition - fully loaded, it could carry a 500lb bomb, under the fusalage, a 250lb bomb under each wing plus four rockets under each wing as well! My job was to carry out daily inspections on the VHF Transmitter installations, on each aircraft - and then sign the Form 700.
There cannot be many of us left - that is ground crew that actually worked on the Spitfire Mark 24. The last production model of the Spitfire, ever built.
VN485 is permanently on view at Duxford - one of 80 Squadrons Mark 24 Spitfre and also one of the actual Spitfires that I carried out my inspectons on, in 1951. Every time I go for a trip to Duxford, I always have to check on VN485. Always very nostalgic for me.

, RAF Kai Tak, 117 SU in 1962

Written by Paul Johnson

Whole RAF experiance - great. Hong Kong - Brilliant.

RAF Kai Tak, in 1963

Written by Paul Johnson

Great Great place and at just the right time. Can’t take the memories away - and boy have I got some, along I’m sure with other 19 year olds. What a place would’nt have missed it for anything. Pity I did’nt take more photo’s but you did’nt think of photo’s when you were going to Wanchi at 11.30pm.
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Active From: 1927 - 1993

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