Unit History: RAF Decimomannu

RAF Decimomannu
Decimomannu air base is the home of the Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) range, called the "Air Weapons Training Installation" (AWTI) by the Italian hosts, currently operating in Europe.
Established in 1960 by the NATO partnership of Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Canada, the ACMI range complex includes computer monitored airspace for the practice of dissimilar air combact training (DACT) and manned, scorable bombing range (Frasca Range).
During 1970 Canada was replaced as a partner by the USA and Royal Air Force, this last one is retired on 1998.
The airbase is situated at North North West from Cagliari, it is placed between Decimomannu, Decimoputzu San Sperate and Villasor villages.
Actually, Italian Air Force and German Air Force are the main air forces in Deci, but several visitors organize their deployments during the year.

Memories of RAF Decimomannu

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Decimomannu in 1981

Written by Martin Ware

19(F) ACMI Det. Can stacking at the party in the Nuraghe Club, causing the conscripts to become barricaded in during their supper break. They were not brave enough to knock the cans down. The Caribineri had to come and rescue them. Ted Threapleton (3PTO) balancing a vodka bottle on his head whist standing on a chair with Ron Skene taking pot shots with his tennis ball cannon. (He was never aiming for the bottle Ted).

RAF Decimomannu, from 1970 in 2011


I am an italian aviation history researcher who is searching contacts with RAF former members who served at RAF Decimomannu to complete a book about the airbase. Much appreciated would be memories and anecdotes, and also photographs taken at that time, of aircrafts (RAF or others Air Forces), people at work, general views of the fields/aprons etc. Your help and cooperation would be much appreciated Best Regards ALESSANDRO RAGATZU VIA ROMA 67 09040 SOLEMINIS Cagliari ITALIA

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