Unit History: Somerset And Cornwall Light Infantry

Somerset And Cornwall Light Infantry
The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry was formed in 1959 by the merger of two regiments:
   * The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert’s)
   * The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
In common with many of the regiments formed by merger that year it had a short life and was amalgamated with the three other regiments of the Light Infantry Brigade to form The Light Infantry on July 10, 1968.
The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI)
The regiment was formed on 6th October 1959, by the amalgamation of The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert’s) and the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Immediately before amalgamation the 1st Battalions of these regiments were stationed at Warminster and Osnabruck respectively.
The 1st Battalion The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry served at Osnabruck until June 1961, when it moved, by way of Plymouth to Gibraltar.It is interesting to note that as Barrymore’s (13th) Foot and Fox’s Marines, the two parent regiments first met (and shared the same battle honour) at Gibraltar. Gibraltar Day is now celebrated annually on 6th October as the Regimental Day of Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry. The old Regimental Days of Jellalabad, Lucknow and Paardeburg are still remembered, with short histories published in Battalion Orders.
Among the distinctions brought from its parent regiments, the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry has the Royal Blue Facings and Royal Bugle Cords of the Somerset Light Infantry, the red patch commemorating the red feathers of the Light Company of the 46th Foot (later the 2nd Battalion the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry) and the privilege of wearing the sash knotted on the right side ,a unique distinction usually associated with the gallantry of the 13th Foot at Culloden.The green head-dress, whistle cord and No 1 Dress Uniform are common to all Light Infantry Regiments.The parent Regiments were raised: in 1685 as Huntingdon’s Foot (now The Somerset Light Infantry), in 1702, as Fox’s Marines, and in 1740 as the 57th (later renumbered 46th)(1st and 2nd Battalions The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry). Their names remain the names of the two Territorial Army Battalions.
In 1968.07.10 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry redesignated upon formation of "large" regiment from Light Infantry Brigade.

Memories of Somerset And Cornwall Light Infantry

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Somerset And Cornwall Light Infantry, in 2013

Written by Pete Vile

Just a short memo to all my old SCLI Friends: My apologies for not replying to those who have tried to contact me over the years. Life has been so hectic as to be unbelievable. I finally and absolutely (well almost) retire on 14th October 2013, so will be able to contact anyone who contacts me. In the meantime, I look forward to anyone contacting me. Pete

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