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Unit History: COD Bicester

COD Bicester
COD Bicester - Construction of what is now the Defence Storage & Distribution Centre (DSDC) began in 1941. By September 1942, the Headquarters and first storehouse had opened and in 1943, the Depot assumed its first role as a main Support Base for future operations in Europe and an Army Mobilisation Centre. The Depot achieved its peak activity in the latter part of the war, when some 20,000 troops and members of the ATS were employed here. Since then the Depot has had a number of roles.It was in 1961 that COD Bicester was selected to perform a key role in a major reorganisation of the UK Base Ordnance Installations. The Ordnance Depots at Didcot and Branston, together with their associated ‘out-stations’ were closed and their functions concentrated at Bicester. Further reorganisation in 1980-82 led to the closure of COD Bicester.

Memories of COD Bicester

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

cod bicester in 1969

Written by victor lake

going to oxford once a month with 4 or 5 others punting in the park then snack pictures then a good slap up meal then out to a country pub for a good pint and a sing song especially remember the old dears who sat in the corner as sqaddies we thought we new some riscay words to some of the songs we knew nothing compaired to them

COD Bicester in 1964

Written by Brenda Cummings

I was in the WRAC and served in Bicester 1963-1965, working in ordinace stores accounting and shipping,went to London evry other weekend and got a lift from "Chuck",he had a 12 yr old daughter at the time,Does anyone know his whereabouts?please get in touch.Brenda
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