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Unit History: Kenya Regiment

Kenya Regiment
The Kenya Regiment was formed in 1937 and served until 1945 in Madagascar and Burma when it was disbanded. The recall of volunteers started again in about 1950 with European settlers making up the main force. At the end of 1950, a call-up of eighteen year olds was introduced as the rumblings from the Mau Mau was making its presence felt. The first recruits were sent to Salisbury in the former Southern Rhodesia for basic military training and then on to operational units.
The Kenya Regiment then operated as a part of combined operations, which included British Regiments, King’s African Rifles, Kenya Police and Kenya Police Reserve, and the Royal Air Force. Apart from the Kenya Regiment operating in its own right, they were also instrumental in seconding Officers to the Kings African Rifles. The Kenya Regiment was disbanded in 1964.
(Photo kindly provided by Malcolm McCrow)
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Active From: 1937 - 1964

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