Unit History: RNAS FORD

The former aerodrome has been in existence since 1917 and was built mainly by German Prisoners of War and was operational until 1920. During the wars the airfield was occupied by various companies. It was operational during the Second World War, then was recommissioned by the admiralty in 1945 as HMS Peregrine until 1958.  The airfield finally closed in 1980. Many of the local roads are named after the aeroplanes and of those who flew from the airfield during its history.

Memories of RNAS FORD

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RNAS Ford HMS Peregrine/HMS Illustrious in 1947

Written by peter shearston

718 Sqdn. CTU Various aircraft, Seafires,Sea Furies, Fireflies, Avengers,Barracudas, Mosquitos, Sea Hornets, etc and anyone remember the Sturgeon that bought it whilst on trials on HMS Illustrious.

813 Squadron (wyverns} RNAS Ford in 1955

Written by Dennis Yates

The old gang John Tinker, Tom Munn etc runs into Brighton,extra fags from NAFFI, ghost hunt in station graveyard. Or in the same year at yeovil LPMs course,Nelson's 150 annaversry and splice mainbrace with a mess of forty and only four of us left come on Jack Batty where are you

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