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Unit History: HMS Terror

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Memories of HMS Terror

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS terror Singapore/Kranji W/T Singapore in 1964

Written by John Geoghegan

Posted to Kranji W/T Singapore 1963-1965. Stayed in billets used by Japanese Army during World War Two. Apparently the tree in the compound was used for hanging personnel i.e. Nuns, Nurses and military personnel which was still standing when I left in 1965. We played football there and at times the match was stopped for a period of time because the ball went into the long grass where Cobra snakes lived!! Afterwards some personnel were drafted to Terror Comcen for remainder of their time (including myself). This is when I first met George Rigden (quiet sort of a fellow) from Tonbridge Kent, who became our football manager.We won the small ships cup under Terror floodlights,and narrowly lost to HMS Ark Royal in final of competition open to all.George was not a happy bunny and many expletives were used to gee us up a bit alas too late-we lost 2 - 1. We had great camaraderie among all the lads and enjoyed our buckets of Tiger Beer during other matches under lights in Terror.(never could find a Nee Soon Virgin!!) George and I again met some three years later when I served in HMS Phoebe 1968 whilst George was posted to Bahrain Comcen.(He thoroughly enjoyed it there!!). Then in December 1968 we met again in HMS Victory Pompey Barracks to be discharged into the big unknown called "Civvy Street". I have not heard from George since 1971 and would appreciate it if anyone knows of his whereabouts so I could make contact again and have a PINT or two. Hoping someone can help and again it would be much appreciated if info. was forthcoming. TKS. John Geoghegan (LRO(T).

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving HMS Terror

"I am looking for old shipmates who served on the hms terror(singapore)1960-61 also the hms bulwark 1956-58, if anyone has any info please contact."
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"Judith just read your post going down the isle ,very good, the best day of my life sailing to the far east for a 24month commission ,2nd best day of my life.Ringing the wife from HMS Terror telling her I had signed on and would be out here for another 12mtns. PUSS :whistle "
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"...I cant remember. Philip The Tiger in ASDA is not the same as a pint of ice cold Tiger after a Rugby match (I think on Christmas Day 1968) and those monsoon ditches they really used to sneak up on you. What about Sembawang Village just outside HMS Terror. Does anybody remember the names of the bars there? Does anyone remember getting a ’Banjo’ to go back on board with? Did they really have female barbers alongside the swimming pool at Terror Barracks? Am I really that old? "
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"...bit of strife, deservedly though , and had to spend some time sleeping on a "Wooden mattress" ( most matelots will know what I mean) as there was no room at "Penang’ MCTC, my motel suite was to be located in the compound behind the gate house in HMS TERROR. Where the guys with the short hair lived for a few weeks, only thing that they had to do was pick "Oakum" to pass the time. Wonderful holiday camp. Highly recommended, food wonderful. Any how as I should have been in detention, but was in..."
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"G’day guys. Well we are almost back on the thread now mates, so I hope we keep of hte internal troubles in the UK. and the collanies hmmm !! I remember a guy coming into the gatehouse in "HMS TERROR", at 7.35 am, he said to the QM, I’m adrift mate, can I see some-one ??, there was an RPO and a SP killick, on the gate as well as the usual guys and they said just give the guy his card and tell himm to P*** Off !!, again the guy insisted that he was adrift and wanted to see some-one to get..."
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