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Unit History: HMS Fal


Memories of HMS Fal

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

hms falcon hal far malta 53-55 in 1953

Written by anthony rogers

Any old NATSU members out there. we had some good times, especially drinking "tea without milk" -screech- waiting for crash alarm to sound in Ronnies bar. I am in touch with Stuart Wagstaff & Will Langham where are you all?Buck Rogers
After the RN I joined RAF. looking for any old TCW guys who served with me at Tangmere & later on Benson. and GCA Luqa

F113 HMS Falmouth, in 1979

Written by brian mcmanus (george0

far east deployment what a great time we had


Written by Alexander (Taff) Reynolds

Whitening my beard and making a white wig to be ’King Neptune’ for Crossing The Line Ceremony.
The production of the "Tiger Rag". I believe it was more popular than the Page 3 Girls in the SUN. (lol). Probably had more truth in it as well.
I have been on two ships involved in salvage operations. The first was HMS ROTHESAY off Aden when the SS CAPTANTONIS ran aground. The second was HMS TIGER when the Tanker ANSON ran into MV CARNATION in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

HMS Falmouth, in 1979

Written by Robert Rudd (Mouse)

Great 1st Ship. Celebrated my 18th birthday in Gib. Can’t remember much except waking up in the street just outside the dockyard gates. Far East-Australia Deployment, a fantastic trip. Then in 1980 our farewell visit to Falmouth before going into reserve fleet. The sick bay went up in flames in the middle of the night. Myself & 2 P.O’s, who’d just got back from their run ashore, putting the fire out. The sad sight of Falmouth mothballed in Chatham as we left her for the last time.
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