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The NAS is dedicated to advancing education in nautical archaeology at all levels; to improving techniques in excavating, conservation and reporting; and to encouraging the participation of members of the public at all stages.
The Nautical Archaeology Society is a non-government organisation formed to further interest in our underwater cultural heritage. We are a registered charity based in the United Kingdom, but with strong links to sister organisations around the world.(The Charity Commission for England and Wales Reg. No. 264209.)
Preserving a record of the past is vital, and it is important that this record is as accurate as possible. To achieve this we aim to improve archaeological techniques and encourage publication and research. We publish a members’ newsletter of events (ISSN 0602-6098), and a learned journal, The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (ISSN 1057-2414), which welcomes substantive contributions to the art from around the world.
Through these means the NAS aims to reveal our underwater heritage, allowing everyone to benefit from this unique and fascinating resource.

Memories of NAS

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RNAS Ford HMS Peregrine/HMS Illustrious in 1947

Written by peter shearston

718 Sqdn. CTU Various aircraft, Seafires,Sea Furies, Fireflies, Avengers,Barracudas, Mosquitos, Sea Hornets, etc and anyone remember the Sturgeon that bought it whilst on trials on HMS Illustrious.

RNAS Lossiemouth 766 Squadron (Firefly ) in 1951

Written by Alan Houseman

Lots of mates, Lots of fun,one fatal crash (Who)?

H M S Nuthatch RNAS Anthorne in 1954

Written by Donald Kent

Remember packing a dinghy dropper to demonstrate to a visiting Admiral. When the time came, the top brass were all sitting in prepared seats, to watch the demonstration.I wonder if anyone remembers this!
The firefly took off with the dropper slung beneath flew over the wampoole to drop but it didnt release, after 3attempts, they decided to give up and flew over the audience to land. as it came over us the dropper came off. I have never ever seen an admiral move so fast.

rnasdale-kete.hmsgoldcrest in 1946

Written by ronald bergqvist

Peggy Rich.RNAS.Kete.How are you would love to just say hello to you. Thinking of you always.Hope you are keeping well and think of me sometimes. Ronnie.

813 Squadron (wyverns} RNAS Ford in 1955

Written by Dennis Yates

The old gang John Tinker, Tom Munn etc runs into Brighton,extra fags from NAFFI, ghost hunt in station graveyard. Or in the same year at yeovil LPMs course,Nelson's 150 annaversry and splice mainbrace with a mess of forty and only four of us left come on Jack Batty where are you

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