Unit History: ARRC Support Battalion

ARRC Support Battalion
The Headquaters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) was formed in 1992 after the Cold War. Originally, it was based on the Reaction Forces Concept, which had a mission to reinforce law within Allied Common Europe (ACE) and conduct Petersberg affairs out on NATO territory.
However, since 2002, the responsibility of the organisation has increased. It has several Force of Pool Combat, Combat Support and Combat Service support units to train. It is under the control of a British lieutenant-General. However, it is not a purely British unit. It has been based in Rheindahlen Military Complex, Germany since 1994.
The ARRC have commanded Land Forces in Bosnia and Kosovo. In 2004, there were rumours that they would deploy trips to Iraq. However, there is no evidence of a contingency plan.
In 2010, they will be relocating to RAF Innsworth, Gloucestershire, England.

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