Unit History: HMS Dolphin

HMS Dolphin

Memories of HMS Dolphin

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Dolphin Duty Watch in 1973

Written by John Deas

During the winter of 1972/73 I was drafted to HMS Dolphin to complete the Polaris Submariners Course. As part of the Ships Company we all had to do Anti Vandal/Security Sentry during our stint on duty watch.
I remember one cold and miserable morning around 0400hrs being woken from a warm bed and given a radio and a pick axe handle then having to guard one of the landing jetties for the next four hours, (another eight or ten of us dotted around the camp guarding various other things).
I was trying to stop the rain/sleet from running down my neck and was stamping my feet to keep the circulation going when my radio clicked into life...
"I'm bored with this" Silence for nearly ten minutes then...
"God this is so bl**dy boring" Again, silence for ten minutes or so then...
"I'm so bored with this I could just sh*t!" This time the radio message was answered...
"This is the Officer of the Day, who is that?" Silence for about ten seconds then...
"I'm not that bored!"
Although we were all questioned on changeover, no one was done for it. It livened up an otherwise boring duty.

HMS Dolphin......duty watch in 1975

Written by Pete

The night the IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands died. I was guarding a fence out by Dolphin Two and expecting hoards of IRA terrorists to come swarming over the top of the barbed wire. I was eighteen years old and veryyyyyyyyy much a sprog but I was going to stop them at any cost with a tin hat, nightstick, whistle, a radio (stornophone?) belt and gaiters. I was determined to stop ANYBODY. I would have as well except nobody did try to invade. All night long I waited, I didn't take my eyes off that fence for a minute! Come 0700 I was out on my feet but was relieved on time and after dumping my duty stuff off at Electric Lemonade it was staight to the galley for scan and back to my mess for domestics. Then it was instruction as usual in the Submarine school and once again I was determined to stay awake throughout the day. Other guys with me the previous night fell asleep in the class room and I thought that faily limp to say the least. I managed it to remain awake and come sixteen hundred....whoohoo...secure. Straight to my mess, Cameron CF6 to shower and don jeans and tee shirt prior to legging to Gopsport for a couple of beers or lots. Back onboard for 2359 (ish), pick up station card, rack out for about five hours then do it all again. You can do anything when you are eighteen......I could anyway!!!!

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