Unit History: HMS Alamein

HMS Alamein

Memories of HMS Alamein

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

cyprus patrol 1958 on hms alamein in 1958

Written by Norman danny ambrose

Does anyone remember the seaboat accident when we lost three good men.I Was just a young sailor out of training at the time and the memory has stayed with to this day.I will never forget the day when we came back to Chatham on one screw and the families were there to greet us it was happy day but also a sad day.The memory wiil stay with me forever.

HMS Alamein, in 1958

Written by raymond Breakwell

Can any 1 remember 3 lads who lost their lives of cyprus in 1958?they drowned whilst searching a fishing boat,

HMS Alamein, Cyprus in 2013

Written by Douglas ( Harry ) Tait

Unknown seaman saved my life.I was swimming back to the ship (Alamein), Middle of mediterranean sea, after a waterpolo game, knacked,and all in. Saw the props turning slowly as i was making no progress and was resigned to being sliced beef. Then a knotted rope hit me square on the head. i grabbed it and the rest is this story.I went down to the seamans mess later that day and offered my rum ration for the week. ( Highest reward ). What did he say, " it was nothing, i’ll just have sippers ". God bless the Royal Navy. Royal Navy ". Harry Tait P/M 961518
If you are out there and would like a slap up meal for you and your family, PLEASE get in touch. Harry Tait

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