Unit History: HMS Mohawk

HMS Mohawk

Memories of HMS Mohawk

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Mohawk in 1967

Written by John Osmond

Transiting north up the Carribean chain doing a RAS at midnight with HMS Lynx. The small island of Anguilla was undergoing civil unrest and we were passing stores and tents to Lynx for support for a shore party. All of a sudden coming across Lynx’s port bow and towards Mohawk came the French frigate Henri. She managed to go hard a port to go on the same course as us. Her stern swung feet away under our bows as we emergency uncoupled. A near disaster. Mohawk’s OOW was disciplined.

HMS Mohawk Aden in 1965

Written by John Osmond

Alongside at the new jetty the Army Engineers had built(we had knocked a part of it down coming alongside). I stood in the waist in shiny white no6s waiting to go on patrol with the Army. A Landrover pulled up and a Sargeant came over the gangway and asked for the rating asigned. The QM pointed to me. He then asked to see the OOD. The OOD arrived on deck, SIR he shouted in a rage, he’s all in white, why don’t you paint a f.....g target on his back???? After getting changed into 8s he then said to me, and don’t you dare think of firing that Lanchester, it belongs in a museum!

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