Unit History: RAF hucknell

RAF hucknell
Hucknall was a first war airfield opening in 1917 in the training role, a role it continued with untill the enad of the war, whereupon it fell into disuse, eventually being sold. Not long after the land was re-bought by the air ministry who started an upgrading programme to bring the airfield up to the 1930s standards.
A varity of units in the reserve role operated from Hucknall up to WW2, to be joined in 1934 by the Rollls Royce company who needed a large flat area for engine testing. Training aircraft continued to use Hucknall during WW2, operating alongside Rolls Royce untill the wars end, auxilary units continued to show a presence here untill 1957 when all auxiliary units were disbandend. Hucknall was then left to Rolls royce who continue to use the airfield to this date for testing and production of the Trent engine. Although many new facilities have been built many original structures can still be seen.

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