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Unit History: Army Apprentice College Aldershot

Army Apprentice College Aldershot
25 Sep. 1923 -Central Training School for boys set up at Aldershot.
28 Feb. 1924 - Moved to Beachley and name changed to Boys Technical School.
May 1926 -Old Robot Society formed.
1929 -Name changed to Army Technical School (Boys).
Sep. 1931 -A school flag adopted.
A red, green and blue horizontal tricolour from which came the Association tie and later the School tie.
May 1939 -Beachley Old Boys Association formed.
Sep. 1946 -First Reunion held.
01 Feb. 1947 -Name changed to Army Apprentices School, and a new badge adopted.
Sep. 1966 -Name changed to Army Apprentices College.
Apr. 1994 -"New BOBA" formed.
Jun. 1994 -Closure of College.
Sep. 1994
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Active From: 1923 - 1994

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