Unit History: AMF

The AMF was created in 1960 as a small multinational force which could be sent at short notice to any threatened part of Allied Command Europe. The Headquarters of the AMF is at Heidelberg, Germany. Its role is to demonstrate the solidarity of the Alliance and its ability and determination to resist all forms of aggression against any member of the Alliance.
The land component of the force, consisting of a brigade-sized formation of about 5000 men, is composed of units assigned to it by 14 NATO nations.
The composition of the AMF has been adapted to meet the requirements of its new role as part of NATO’s Immediate Reaction Forces (IRF). It consists of air and land elements (IRF(A) and IRF(L)) to which most NATO Allies contribute.

Memories of AMF

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

48 amf(l) coy raoc.devizes in 1981

Written by dave heath

1980-1983 at 48,going to norway denmark,turkey,plenty of skiing and drinking.some really good times in devizes at the rising sun disco.things have quietend down in my life since then.would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me.

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