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Unit History: HMS Sheffield

HMS Sheffield

Memories of HMS Sheffield

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Sheffield, in 1953

Written by Terry Showering

Anyone off HMS Sheffield remember mariching through Liverpool for the coronation

HMS Sheffield in 1943

Written by Francis Norman Goodwin

February 16-19 1943. Hurricane force winds when on passage to Iceland. following extract from letter from Naval Historical Branch. In 6 years at sea this was the worst weather that I experienced

HMS Sheffield, Just after jumping on HMS Arrow in 1982


Had abandoned Sheffield and had jumped from hangar roof onto Arrow, as I walked along someone said I was leaving wet footprints on the deck, on checking the soles of my shoes they had melted and I was in socks just about. Someone on Arrow gave me a pair of trainers to wear which I did until I arrived home. Wrote to the Arrow boys but no one could identify who gave me the trainers. Would have liked to have replaced them for him. Thanks again whoever you are.
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