Unit History: HMS Raleigh

HMS Raleigh

Memories of HMS Raleigh

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Raleigh 1962 in 2007

Written by edward

I remember joining Raleigh as if yesterday
sending our civvies home,then the drastic haircut I was given,kit issue and printing your name on everything including your underwear.
Eventually classing up ( 327 class then on to 727) that was part 1 and part 2,the training was great and a laugh at times on the ( Holy Ground ) the parade staff.
Then the passout, no mums and dads allowed then.......on to your branch training.
Then onto my first draft HMS Caesar in Singerpore, the good thing about it was 7 or 8 of my original class went with me.

HMS Raleigh. New entry in 1953

Written by Matt Marriott

I remember the wooden seated bus that took us from plymouth station across the ferry to Raleigh. A 16 year old sprog on his first time away from home. My frst 3 mates were Lofty Harris, Tich Evans, and Jan Lockyer. That was May 1953. I never came across them again after training and wonder what happened to them. I contracted an ear problem while doubling round the parade ground doing punishment for lending a mate my spare cap and was put in sick bay which meant my being put back to another division to catch up. I wonder where they are now.


Written by sidney dennis mark temple

Photo is of entry class at HMS RALEIGH date I joined was 29th Jan 1968 Second from top right is Keith Chapman (who was from SPENNYMOOR Co Durham) Second from bottom right is Martin (aka Alf) Staulder who was from HOUNSLOW LONDON

HMS Raleigh, in 1977

Written by rob (whiskey) walker

leaving home (trauma) - meeting my best mate reggie at raleigh
having a good time at mercury
my first ship - hms sirius - exercise northern wedding 1978 - force 11 huricane - found out i never suffered from sea sickness
just enjoying the life!!! the rest is history!!


Written by thomas carson

what a summer to join the mob, the lads were superb we all stuck as a unit and enjoyed the whole experience. many of us kept in touch for many years.
the crew from HMS KENT from the day i joined i can honestly say i loved the majority of it. i had some great mates and hope to catch up with as many of them as i can again.

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