Unit History: HMS Minerva

HMS Minerva

Memories of HMS Minerva

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Minerva, in 1972

Written by bill stacey

west indies, as a very young 15 year old very wet behind the ears lad i joined the royal navy not knowing what to expect but looking for adventure and to be paid whilst doing it.after doing basic i joined the minerva at roosavelt roads an american base in the windies having never been on a plane before that was some flight it took a couple of years to realise that not all planes had you flying backwards. the minerva was a leander class and she looked great laying at her berth in crystal blue water and her paintwork gleaming little did i know at the time i would be helping to keep her looking like this for the next ten months as we had a shipmate on board called prince charles that ten months and the next two years has left an imprint in my mind which is hard to forget. i guess we all say that certain ships companies are the best but we were all young and of free spirit and up for anything and you must realise that the windies was only just starting to become a tourist destination so we had the place to ourselves and the ocasional liner we still meet up now and talk about the time what memories i could write a book on it

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