Unit History: HMS Malcolm

HMS Malcolm

Memories of HMS Malcolm

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Malcolm in 2010

Written by George

I served on HMS Malcolm in 1963 She was then a Blackwood class frigate based in Rosyth Sailing on Fishery protection around the coast of Iceland.In fact we were on station and witnessed the birth of the island known as Surtsey.

HMS Malcolm, in 1964

Written by Robert T Reeves (Jim)

1st Seagoing draft. Hows this for good planning...."Going on Draft" Friday...travel from Pompey to Plymouth on weekend leave. Sunday....Return to Pompey Monday...Travel to Inverkeithing to Join HMS Malcolm arrive 2200. Tuesday..Told to go on Easter Leave after joining routine..Travel back to Plymouth for 2 weeks leave. Wednesday.....arrive Plymouth. Two weeks later joined HMS Malcolm, sailed and soon found out I was not a good small ships sailor, spent most of my time in my hammock or on the upper deck. Got 1 days No 14’s for calling the Captain "Skipper" Located a broken away ocean buoy which presented a danger to shipping, ordered to sink it. Gunnery Officer was in his element...tried to sink it with small arms fire, eventually realised it would take a bofor shell to sink it. Trained gunners pumped shell after shell into the buoy, very reluctant to go, but strangely enough, it sank when a little junior gunner fired the bofor, the shell went yards over the top, just as the buoy sank. Only had one tour of Fishery Protection, however it was always very eventful. Somebody must have known something because my next seagoing draft was a carrier in the Far East....talk about chalk and cheese.

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