Unit History: Gurkha Infantry Brigade

Gurkha Infantry Brigade
The Association of the Brigade of Gurkhas with Brunei dates back to 1962.  In addition to the resident Gurkha Infantry Battalion, specialist organisations were formed to augment the Battalion’s capability. For example, the Battalion originally possessed an air platoon, which operated Sioux helicopters for casevac, reconnaissance and limited troop movement duties. This developed into C Flt of 660 Sqn Army Air Corps, operating Scout helicopters, with the parent Squadron based in Hong Kong. Today their spirit lives on in the form of 7 Flight Army Air Corps, who operate Bell 212 helicopters and perform the same duties.
Originally, the Brunei Gurkha Battalion was part of the Gurkha Field Force, based in Hong Kong. Command was subsequently transferred to 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade, also based in Hong Kong, when 48 Gurkha Infantry Brigade was re-raised in 1986. The Battalion was supported administratively by only two Officers: The Garrison Adjutant, who became the Garrison Administration Commandant and who is now known as SO2 G1 Welfare/SSO, and the Transport and Movement Officer, now known as SO3 Logistic Support.

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