Unit History: HMS Hermes

HMS Hermes

Memories of HMS Hermes

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Hermes in 1970

Written by Sean Hagger

July 31st 1970, the day the last tot was isued. Paddy Scott came down the mess with his full tot glass and said, "This is what I think of the bastards for stopping this", and dashed the lot into the nearest spitkid. Aghast horror! Then from behind his back he produced another full glass and said,"Sure that was only cold tea!".

HMS Hermes, far east in 1968

Written by jock wilson

I Have been trying for some years on and off to contact James Wilson (Jock). Can anyone out there remember him or know his whereabouts. If you do ,please reply.

HMS Hermes, in 1982

Written by taff roberts

the crowds were amazing cheering us off as we sailed from pompey to the falklands,but even bigger on our safe return,its like it was yesterday

hms hermes in 1962

Written by JOHN ELLIS

We were in the Irish Sea we lost the port forward cat walk and also Lord Widlesham when the SAR was taking him ashore to RNAS BRAWDY ditched

HMS Hermes, 803 sqadron in 1963

Written by John Ellis

We had Flag Officer Far East Fleet on board [ADM Scratchard] We were heading for KOBI tn Japan but a storm was in the area so we transfered him to HMS TIGER We headed back to Singapore on the way back the exhaust cat steam pipes were checked and found highly corroded a few more catapult shots could have caused damage to the flight deck

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