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Unit History: HMS Herald

HMS Herald

Memories of HMS Herald

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Herald Gulf Deployment 1981-2 in 1981

Written by Martin Andrew Irving (Erv)

Battler Britain in full uniform jumping of a diving board into the pool starting a ’one in all in’ of the ships company and civvies who couldn’t believe what they were seeing... somewhere in the Gulf... best deployment ever
Kevin Toms ’Tommo’ in the Junior Rates Bathroom, scrubbing the coral out of his leg wound so hard it bled like a gutted pig, how we all laughed...
Jan Slater Just being Jan, He was asked at a ambassadors do if he would like a drink his reply was vodka please, when asked whet he would like it it, he said ’More Vodka’......
Sleeping In Hammocks on the Quarterdeck of the Herald when the Bulk Survey store was to Hot in the Persian Gulf
Throwing the Jimmy ’Mat French’ over the side on Christmas day 1981, I think we were in Aquaba... but cant remember
Punching the crap out of Able Seaman snowball on the quarterdeck, well he did offer me out.
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