Unit History: HMS Hecate

HMS Hecate

Memories of HMS Hecate

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Hecate The Gulf in 1978

Written by Ian. Bailey

one memory that really sticks is when we were on the Hecate in the gulf surveying for the Shah and ending up on the beach . Two of us had to sit on the end of a pier and measure the tide rise and falls. a local girl came down to the beach wearing the full iranian black garb, stripped it all off and underneath was the smallest thong and bikini top , now thats what you call a perk of the job. it definately perked us up.
1978 Boat Party at St Ives. on the Hecate living in a local holiday home above the golf course. we presented the owner with A Plaque and signed photo by the crews who were based there in 78. went back to see him in 2001 and he was demolishing the place so gave me the plaque and Photo that had hung in the bar all that time. offered it to local RNA who showed no interest in it.

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