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Unit History: HMS Eskimo

HMS Eskimo

Memories of HMS Eskimo

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

hms eskimo in 1963

Written by john skinner(bootneck)

I was in the first royal marine detachment to serve on board her,our (ocrm)was paddy saunders(ltrm)csm andy anderson,21 marines,i rember the captains name was humfrey barker,we had a good tour of duty in the med,an unexpected trip to bombay after running aground in bahrain.We were toed ther by a tug in tail end of a typhoon ON the way back to pompie the usual runs ashore gib, malta,i remeber the ships crew by sight but now i couldn"t name much of them (father gamson(ab)arthur clough,robbie burns,
I hope some body out there rembers that tour or any of the crew
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