Unit History: Yeomanry Signal Regiment

Yeomanry Signal Regiment
71 (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment is Territorial Army regiment in the Royal Corps of Signals in the British Army. The regiment forms part of 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade, providing military communications for national operations.
The Regiment was formed after the reorganisation of the Territorial Army in 1969, it retains its links to the past , through the Yeomanry squadrons under its command.
The role of the Regiment was to provide Home Defence communications for the South East of England. In 1992, as a result of Options for Change, 70 (Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron were moved to 38 Signal Regiment (V), and 71st (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment took under command 57 (County of Bristol) Signal Squadron (V). This unsatisfactory arrangement lasted until the TA restructuring of 1994 when 70 (Essex Yeomanry) Squadron came back under command and 57 (County of Bristol) Signal Squadron (V) moved onto 39 (Skinners) Signal Regiment.
In 1995, 94 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron was given an independent role in support of the Combat Service Support Group (Germany). They then ceased to be part of the Regiment order of battle, although the Regiment still retains close links with that squadron.
The Regiment comprises the following sub units:
47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron
68 (Inns of Court and City Yeomanry) Signal Squadron
70 (Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron
265 (Kent and County of London Yeomanry) Support Squadron .

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