Unit History: HMS Devonshire

HMS Devonshire

Memories of HMS Devonshire

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Devonshire, random memories db tanky in 1977

Written by Billy Beck

Gibraltar 4 runs ashore was it 50 pubs ? the mucky Duck portsmouth then joanna’s southsea with who? West Palm Beach Ark Royal St thomas san wan Porto rico esbjerg denmark roosevelt roads portland guadeloupe Weymouth Disney World all the good stuff
being in dry dock for ages then getting out and some idiot breaks the gearbox ! and we go back in crawling in between boilers gas turbine engines db tanky in the north sea gale force spewing deck plate scrubbing boiler room for ever painting pipes getting sent down a hatch in a fearnot suit and ba with over heating seacat missiles to see why ? (we were in caribbean)
Russ Ramus Millie Millward Jock Grant Chris Herd Pascal Ogilvie Paddy Manson smudge Bob meek countless others sorry boys i forgot

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