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HMS Dauntless

Memories of HMS Dauntless

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)


left to right Doris Munro,Wendy Robinson,Freda Dethick.Irene Ford and Eve Weller

HMS Dauntless, in 2011

1961- Ajax 157-My Best and rewarding memory of HMS Dauntless was meeting Angela Walker, we shared a cabin together all through training and became very close friends, when we rec’d our posting, she was allocated as a Marine Wren and was posted to Plymouth, I had to stay on at Dauntless for a further few weeks and I lost conract with her. I have tried endlessly to find her on this site and various others to no avail. I will not give up. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please get in touch.
1961 I was posted to HMS Sea Eagle, we lived in Laughton Matthews Block, I made many friends there, including Betty Self from Chingford(she named me Little Jan,) Catherine Mackenzie from Scarrell Terrace in Glasgow. I had many more friends there but their names escape me, I met and married my husband(now Ex) Pete Gwynn, Catherine was my Best Maid, Betty helped me make my going away! suit, it was red, she eventually married Scouse(Ralph)and was posted to Malta and Pete and I visited them over there. Get in touch if you remember me.
1971-HMS Chichester. My husband Pete was posted to Hong Kong, he was attached to HMS Chichester, and I joined him there with our two daughters, we made many friends there, Pamela and Barnie, Margaret and Brian Goff, there were many more but my memory for names at this moment is not good. We had a unforgetable time in HK, I have many treasured photographs of dances,banyans and pool parties, if anyone remembers us, please get in touch.

HMS Dauntless, Warspite Division - April 1974 in 2011

Would love to hear from any of the gang that trained at Dauntless, and then on to Pembroke........ especially Carol and Jeanette

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