The Journey Of A Record

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From Source To Screen - The Journey OF A Record

All of our transcription projects go through an in depth research process to make sure the information we give you is as accurate as possible.

We spend a lot of our time digging around for undiscovered records hidden away in archives and museums, and when we find something, it's not just a case of typing it up. Firstly, we make sure we understand exactly what the record is, where it comes from, and how it relates to the individuals it contains. We study it carefully to see if there are any areas that would be confusing to those unfamiliar with military documents, and work out how we can present these in a more accessible way. After this initial assessment, everyone involved in the project is given the necessary knowledge to transcribe the record and get it ready for our customer. It doesn't stop there though... throughout the project, we encourage our staff to ask questions and the research continues from start to finish.

The video below shows you how we get records online.

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