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Forces War Records is the definitive location for military genealogy records from WW2, WW1, Boer War, Crimean War and beyond. Our Military Records site is the ONLY location where you can find millions of military records for British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1350, making your military genealogy task much easier and more complete.

Forces War Records is split up into different sections with name searches of forces records for those personnel who either died in battle or those still alive today, and their history search details information of just about every unit ever created in the British Armed Forces. You can even save your military records searches and bookmark pages of interest to your profile once you have completed the free registration process, to help you in your quest to put back together the pieces of history you are looking for.

We are the only site to have collated this information in one easy to use cross-referenced database whereby you can cross-match personnel against the units they served in, making it very easy for you to build information on their service history.


  • Thank you very much for responding so fast, and I look forward to any further information you can send me. If you'd like to see the photo I have, I can send you it via e-mail. It's been creased and folded over the years but still interesting to see and having just compared it with the one you have on your advert I'm sure it was taken at the same place merely moments before or after your own photograph. Thanks again! I'm very grateful to you for everything you've done and couldn't have asked for better service!

    Emma Banfield via email
  • Thanks again for the info on Liberator AL587. I was surprised at the distances covered before the Lib was finally delivered to 511 Sqdn. A meeting has been arranged for me to finally meet Jack Parker, who you will know was part of the same crew as my Dad, Freddie Boustead, and was probably one of the last men to have seen him alive, so it will be a very emotional union.

    Brian Boustead via forum
  • Your help has been fantastic! Within 24 hrs I have found out info. regarding my Granddad, when and where the photo was taken and have now been able to order the Postcard of him I saw last night on your TV advert. Thank you so much.

    Carol Searle via email
  • Found most of my Mums side of the family on this site!

    Ade Griffin via email
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