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Hire a Researcher

Get Expert Support from Britain's Leading Military Genealogy Researchers

Speed through your research and attain information you may never find on your own.

For decades, our researchers have studied the intricacies of Britain’s military and authored books and articles about it. From service sheets to the numbering systems for the 1830s British Army to regimental precedence, they know precisely how to find what you need amongst millions of records.

When you hire our researchers, you get unprecedented:

  • Knowledge: They’re published authors and award-winning military history experts.
  • Efficiency: They know exactly where and how to look for what you need. In fact, our researchers are on a first-name basis with National Archives staff.
  • Passion: Our researchers served in the forces and have been dedicated to the military their entire lives.
  • Experience: They know how to transform fragments of history into a complete picture you’ll find nowhere else.

These experts will compile what you long to know in an easy-to-read report along with digital copies of all supporting documents.

Document Expert Help

Meet Our Researchers

Lawrence Woodcock, Professional Military Genealogist

Lawrence began collecting military medals from the age of 16. Over time, he moved from medal collection into military genealogy and has been a frequent visitor to the National Archives ever since.

With more than 35 years of experience in military genealogy research, Lawrence is one of the few researchers out there with a good understanding of the military records from all the branches of the military over the last 200 years.

Kevin Asplin, Professional Military Genealogist

Kevin, having an interest in military history his entire life, grew up with military themed toys and served in the Salisbury Plain Royal Artillery unit of the British Army. He has more than two decades of military genealogy experience, having begun his life's passion after purchasing a medal and researching its history in the mid 1990's.

Awarded the Medal of Merit by the Orders and Medals Research Society, Kevin is also recognised by his peers as an expert of the Victorian era.

Lawrence and Kevin have agreed to team up with Forces War Records in an effort to provide you with professional research experience at reasonable rates. The sheer amount of data now available can make it extremely challenging to target what you’re looking for without expert insight. Our researchers can quickly sort through it all and find the records you're searching for.

Your Completed Research Results Will Contain

A detailed report summarising the results of the investigation.

Photocopies of all documents related to your ancestor.

Notes and analysis from our expert researchers explaining the
historical significance of the documents found.

All information will be easily provided through online download. For your convenience, we do offer CD/DVDs when images are in excess of 20-25.

Information Typically Uncovered By Our Researchers

To find out what you can expect from our researchers, select a branch in the dropdown to your right. The types of records and information generally available will depend on the time period and rank. Please keep in mind that these are not ALL the information available, just the most common - in fact, many of our customers have received much more.

Through Forces War Records, Our Researchers Offer Expert Support at Surprising Value

We charge a reasonable flat fee for the support of Britain’s leading military genealogists.

  • Researching an honour or award is £69.95
  • Researching an individual service history is £199.95

To begin, we simply require a non-returnable deposit of £10 when you submit your research request. This investment will be deducted from your final payment once research is complete.

How To Engage Our Researchers

Fill out our research request form as completely as possible. We will notify you if we need more information.

  • To get started, we will need your ancestor's name, branch, and approximate date of service on the next page. Additional information will help.
  • After completing the research request form and submitting your deposit, a researcher will contact you before beginning their search and notify you if they need additional information.
  • Typical research commissions are completed within 45 days. In the rare instances where we believe it may take longer, we will notify you within 21 days.

It's that simple. Hit a dead end? If our researchers can't help you find a way out, no one can. Save time and avoid frustration by investing in the intelligence and experience of UK’s top military genealogy researchers today.


Additional Information

Often a search can be conducted with very little information. However, the following may be of assistance to our researchers and significantly reduce research turnaround time:

  • Service number
  • Rank
  • Awards or Medals
  • Discharge Certificate
  • Identity Disk
  • Paybook
  • Personal or Official Correspondence
  • In-Uniform Photograph

Please keep in mind that although none of the information above are required, every case is different. To minimalise the number of incomplete research commissions, our researchers will contact you should they need additional information.

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