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Record Details for Frank Hartley (Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve)


First Name: Frank
Initials: F
Surname: Hartley
DOB: Full Access Member Only
Age: Full Access Member Only
Nationality: Full Access Member Only
Date of Death: Full Access Member Only
Information: Full Access Member Only
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Service Number: Full Access Member Only
Campaign Medals:
War Medal 1939-1945
war medal 1939-1945 As with most Armed Forces Serving Personnel during the conflict of World War Two, Frank Hartley was entitled to the  
1939-45 Star
1939-45 star Given the information available to us it is likely that Frank Hartley was awarded the 1939-45 Star for operational Service

Service: Full Access Member Only
Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Battalion: Full Access Member Only
Commemorated: Full Access Member Only
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Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve during World War 2

More information about Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Formed: 1936

The RAFVR was formed in July 1936 to provide individuals to supplement the Auxiliary Air Force (AAF) which had been formed in 1925 by the local Territorial Associations. The AAF... read more here  >>

The IWGC/CWGC Registers Collection

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