Record Details for F Butler (Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire And Derbyshire Regiment))


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Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire And Derbyshire Regiment)
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WW1 Actions and Troop Movements (ORBATS) for ,

If F Butler stayed with this unit, this map shows where he would have fought.

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Orders of Battle (ORBATS) are documents produced by the military to show the hierarchical structure, command organisation and disposition of units for particular engagements of the British Military. At the highest level they show a breakdown of the units involved in entire conflicts, the First World War in this case, including Divisional and Brigade commanding officers, the organisation of the divisions right down to the battalion level along with their attached units from for example, the Royal Artillery. With the ORBATS you are able to determine exactly where units were on a given date and the battle, action or event they took part in.

The ORBATS data transcribed by Forces War Records has allowed us to produce this interactive map, with which you can track the progress of units throughout the course of the First World War, from the opening battle at Mons to the closing stages of the Spring Offensive.

Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire And Derbyshire Regiment) during World War 1

Since 1815 the balance of power in Europe had been maintained by a series of treaties. In 1888 Wilhelm II was crowned ‘German Emperor and King of Prussia’ and moved... read more here  >>

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