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Record Details for C Bartle (West Yorkshire Regiment)


First Name: C
Surname: Bartle
Index Number of Admission: 46,664
Rank: Rifleman
Service Number: 306762
Ailment: Tachycardia
Date of Admission for Original Ailment: 16/12/1917
Date Discharged Back to Duty: 16/12/1917
Date Transferred to Sick Convoy: Aubigny
Date of Transfer From Sick Convoy: Etaples
Number/Designation of Ward: P
Notes written in the Observations Column: Trip No.168.
Regiment: West Yorkshire Regiment
Battalion: 2/8th (Leeds Rifles) Battalion
Other unit info: Attached 185th Brigade Headquarters
Archive Reference: MH106/1963 MH106/1963 can be found at The National Archives in Kew, and contains First World War Representative Medical Records of 31st Ambulance Train: British Expeditionary Force France. 03/12/1917. - 21/12/1917. Troops of British Expeditionary Force. No. 44,657 - 47,133.
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