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John wilson 13th Company Royal SP 1837
Started by Debra Bozkurt on 17-02-2019 11:19 AM
Rifle Brigade 1890?
Started by j2sea2002 on 14-02-2019 7:49 PM
Searching for Clement of Royal Scots Greys
Started by ArthurPeabody on 30-01-2019 10:10 PM
Francis Arundel Bell, 1906
Started by ArthurPeabody on 10-06-2016 6:30 AM
Stations of the British Army April 1899
Started by Pam Downes on 26-01-2019 7:32 PM
Welsh Guards 1st battalion WW1
Started by bugsieofchelsea on 03-01-2019 8:28 PM
St Helena Rifles
Started by Tony P on 31-12-2018 4:18 PM
Pioneer Corps service number
Started by Hoosteen on 01-01-2019 1:55 PM
Finding out when the service started and fini
Started by DeKneez on 29-12-2018 10:54 PM
Trying to identify regiment(s)
Started by MandalVandal on 28-12-2018 1:47 PM
Returning families from Wynberg, Cape 1914
Started by MylesOrme on 08-12-2018 9:41 AM
Puzzling white bands on helmets
Started by tiliasig on 04-12-2018 6:55 PM
One legged accountants in WWII
Started by MylesOrme on 08-12-2018 9:58 AM
15% Discount - There But Not There
Started by WhiteFWR on 10-12-2018 10:54 AM
Looking for "Royal Scots" service record.
Started by curly on 04-12-2018 9:24 AM
Royal Engineers
Started by suemalings on 30-11-2018 2:07 PM
Samson Thomas Loynton (b. 1892)
Started by Theresap on 24-11-2018 5:07 PM
Chelsea Barracks, St George, Hanover Square
Started by GreatUncle on 22-11-2018 6:39 PM
Pension Index Card info
Started by DocDAve on 22-11-2018 12:26 PM
Photo 2nd Batallion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Started by Clorogue on 14-11-2018 9:43 PM
Small Medium Large Landscape Portrait